Lendumo Loans Reviews: Is Lendumo Legit? Complaints Feedback

Lendumo Loans Reviews

Hello, my name is Amelia, and I am here to provide you with an authentic and comprehensive review of Lendumo Loans. Unlike typical canned reviews written by individuals who have never used their services, I have conducted extensive research and spoken to actual customers to bring you the real scoop.

Navigating the world of lenders can be challenging, whether you require a small personal loan or a substantial amount to finance a significant purchase. The internet is flooded with lending companies that promise fast approvals and low rates. However, the question remains: are these companies legitimate or merely attempting to scam you? In this detailed review of Lendumo Loans, I aim to uncover the truth.

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What is Lendumo Loans?

Lendumo Loans is a reputable online lender specializing in personal installment loans ranging from $200 to $2,500. They cater to individuals with less than perfect credit scores, providing them with quick access to much-needed funds. With a user-friendly website, Lendumo Loans ensures a seamless and hassle-free 100% online application process.

Headquartered in Wilmington, DE, Lendumo Loans is a subsidiary of Lendumo, LLC. Established in 2020, their primary focus lies in offering personal loans specifically designed for individuals with poor credit histories.

Overview of Lendumo Loan Products

Lendumo presently provides a single loan option, specifically tailored for individuals with bad credit – personal installment loans. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Loan amounts: $200 to $2,500
  • APRs: 35.99% to 199.99%
  • Term lengths: 3 to 24 months
  • Fees: Origination costs vary by state and can range from 5% to 8%. No fines for early payments.
  • Time to funding: As fast as the next business day if approved.
  • Credit types: Bad credit loans specifically. Minimum credit score requirements not publicly disclosed.

To qualify for this loan, you only need to provide some essential personal information and furnish proof of income during the application process. Once your application is approved, the funds will be swiftly deposited into your bank account.

By offering a streamlined application process and expedited fund transfer, Lendumo ensures a hassle-free experience for its customers.

Applying for a Lendumo Personal Loan

Lendumo simplifies the process of obtaining an online loan estimate. All you need to do is provide a few essential details to get started:

  • Your desired loan amount
  • Your state of residence
  • Your estimated credit score range
  • Your date of birth
  • Your contact info

Once you have completed the initial steps, you will be required to furnish details regarding your income source and employment. This is crucial as Lendumo needs to verify your capacity to repay the loan. Finally, if the offer aligns with your requirements, you will electronically sign the loan agreement.

The entire process is designed to be swift, taking only a few minutes, and Lendumo prides itself on making lending decisions promptly. Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and the need to fax bank statements!

Lendumo Loan Terms and Costs

The interest rates and fees charged by Lendumo are determined by various factors, including your credit score, income, and state of residence. Let’s take a look at a few examples provided on their website:

For a $2,000 Loan for 1-year in California:

  • APR: 35.99%
  • Origination fee: 5%
  • Monthly payment: $230

For a $5,000 2-year loan in Florida:

  • APR: 95.57%
  • Origination fee: 8%
  • Monthly payment: $351

As evident, the APRs are considerably higher in comparison to traditional bank loans. This discrepancy is a direct result of the heightened lending risk associated with borrowers who possess poor credit histories. It is important to note that the origination fees are subtracted from the total loan amount, meaning that in the second example, you will not receive the full $5,000.

Prior to accepting your personalized loan offer, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the comprehensive costs involved. The APR, origination fee, term length, and monthly payments can vary significantly depending on your individual circumstances.

Lendumo Loan Qualifications

Lendumo does not publicly disclose its precise credit score requirements. Nevertheless, the company specifically targeted borrowers with poor credit. Below are some general eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum credit score of around 500
  • No bankruptcies within the last 12 months
  • Steady verifiable income
  • Valid Social Security number
  • Active checking account
  • You must be at least 18 years old

In order to verify your credit score and complete financial background, access to your credit report will be required. Lendumo emphasizes that their approval decisions are based on multiple factors, not solely on your credit score. Additionally, having a stable income is deemed highly significant by the company.

Lendumo Loan Reviews and Complaints

Now, let’s delve into the details – what are real customers saying about Lendumo loans? I dedicated several hours to thoroughly researching online reviews, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), as well as personal testimonials. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

Positive Feedback:

  • Streamlined and effortless online application process.
  • Rapid access to loan funds for your convenience.
  • Transparent terms with no unexpected surprises.
  • Dedicated customer service readily available to assist with any concerns that may arise.

Negative Feedback:

  • Extremely high interest rates in comparison to other options.
  • Use of confusing advertising tactics.
  • Having trouble getting support workers to respond to inquiries.
  • It seems that loans are made to keep you paying for as long as possible.

The most frequent grievances pertain to the exorbitantly high Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) that surpass 100% or more. Borrowers perceived these rates as predatory, rendering the loans virtually impossible to repay within a reasonable timeframe.

Furthermore, numerous complaints revolve around the lack of transparency regarding payment terms and conditions. Certain customers alleged that Lendumo deceived them regarding the actual expenses associated with borrowing.

On a positive note, individuals commended the prompt funding and the overall simplicity of obtaining approval despite having poor credit. For those genuinely requiring immediate financial assistance, Lendumo ensures swift approvals.

Can Lendumo Loans Help Rebuild Your Credit?

An installment loan, when paid on time, has the potential to gradually improve your credit score. Payment history plays a significant role in credit scoring models. However, the extent of this benefit varies depending on your individual circumstances.

Considering the high interest rates associated with a Lendumo loan, it is unlikely that the positive impact on your credit score will outweigh the fees charged. The substantial origination charges and short repayment terms diminish the potential benefits.

In such a situation, it may be more advantageous to consider a credit-builder loan offered by a community lender. These loans not only report on-time payments but also come with lower costs. Alternatively, you could explore the option of an affordable secured credit card, which allows you to build credit without incurring exorbitant interest fees.

Lendumo Loans Reviews: The Final Verdict

Is Lendumo Loans Legit

Overall, the feedback on Lendumo Loans is varied. While they do provide swift approvals for borrowers who require immediate emergency funds, opinions on their services are divided. The convenience of their entirely online process is particularly advantageous for individuals seeking prompt access to cash in their accounts.

However, the interest rates are exorbitantly high, even when considering the poor credit risk. Numerous customers have expressed feeling trapped in costly loans that are designed solely to maximize Lendumo’s profits. Reputable lenders, on the other hand, strive for mutually beneficial terms rather than solely focusing on boosting their own financial gains.

My recommendation? Reserve Lendumo as your ultimate choice, only when all other alternatives have been exhausted. The exorbitant expenses and brief repayment periods associated with these loans make them difficult to rationalize in the majority of circumstances. It would be more advantageous for you to invest your time in seeking out more cost-effective financing options, if feasible.

If you decide to proceed with Lendumo, it is crucial that you carefully read the fine print! It is important to fully comprehend the total costs associated with the loan throughout its duration. Additionally, setting up automatic payments from the beginning will help you avoid late fees in the future.

Did this review help you gain a better understanding of what Lendumo Loans offers? Please feel free to reach out if you have any further inquiries! I have made an effort to present the essential information in this guide.

In conclusion, while these loans can offer quick access to cash, it is important to note that they come with significantly high interest rates. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly consider all your borrowing options.

FAQs about Lendumo Loans Reviews

Are you still left with some lingering questions about Lendumo Loans Reviews? Allow us to provide you with comprehensive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this lender.

Does Lendumo Loans have hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees beyond the origination charges and interest costs disclosed in your loan agreement. However, some customers have accused the company of employing deceptive advertising practices that obscure the true costs. It is crucial to carefully scrutinize the details of your loan offer. Do not assume that there are no additional costs beyond the APR and monthly payment.

How long does it take to get approved with Lendumo?

Lendumo prides itself on offering lending decisions “as fast as tomorrow” upon submission of your application. Once approved, you can expect the funds to be deposited into your bank account within a mere 1-2 business days. Our comprehensive online application and approval process has been meticulously designed to ensure a swift and hassle-free experience.

What credit score is needed for Lendumo Loans?

Lendumo does not disclose the exact minimum credit scores required for their loans. However, their loan products are specifically tailored for individuals with “bad credit” falling within the subprime range. According to feedback from customers, it is likely that Lendumo will approve scores starting from around 500 and above. It is important to note that the rate offered by Lendumo may improve as your credit score increases.

Can I get a Lendumo Loan with no credit check?

No, legitimate lenders such as Lendumo will always conduct a credit check to verify your credit history and score. This crucial step helps evaluate your ability to repay the loan. It is important to be cautious of advertisements promoting “no credit check” loans, as they are often associated with predatory scams or illegal services. It is highly recommended to steer clear of such offers to protect yourself from potential harm.

How can I lower my Lendumo Loan payments?

One effective method for reducing payments is to extend the length of your repayment term, with a maximum limit of 24 months. However, it is crucial not to solely concentrate on the monthly costs. It is important to note that opting for a longer term will result in significantly higher total interest fees throughout the loan’s duration. Therefore, it is advisable to only extend the term if absolutely necessary to maintain affordable monthly payments.

Can I pay off my Lendumo Loan early?

Yes, you have the option to prepay the entire loan balance at any time without incurring any penalties. In fact, we highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as it allows you to minimize your overall interest costs. We understand that some customers have expressed concerns about the prepayment process with Lendumo, but rest assured, we strive to make it as convenient as possible. To ensure a smooth experience, we encourage you to request a payoff balance upfront. This will provide you with the necessary information to efficiently manage your loan repayments.

Does Lendumo Loans work with bad credit?

Yes, Lendumo specializes specifically in loans for borrowers with bad credit. They advertise approvals for FICO scores as low as 500. However, it is important to note that interest rates for individuals with poor credit scores may be significantly high, occasionally surpassing an APR of 100%. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider your need for a loan before applying, ensuring that the associated costs are justified.

Is Lendumo Loans legit?

Lendumo Loans is a reputable online lender headquartered in Delaware. They have undergone the necessary registration and incorporation processes to establish themselves as a legitimate company. Nevertheless, certain customers have raised concerns regarding their ethical standards and business practices. These complaints encompass issues such as misleading advertisements, a lack of transparency, and unfair loan structures. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before considering one of their high-cost personal loans.

In order to shed light on the loan acquisition process with Lendumo, the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been compiled. Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out. As a dedicated consumer advocate, I have extensively investigated this matter and can offer valuable insights. Do not hesitate to seek assistance!

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