Lendly Loan Reviews: Is Lendly Loan Legit? Read This Before Apply

Lendly Loan Reviews

More possibilities are available today for obtaining quick personal loans due to the growing popularity of online lenders. Lendly is one such lender that offers quick funding and approvals to borrowers. Are these high-rate loans, however, worth it? In-depth Lendly customer reviews, competitive interest rate and fee comparisons, sample repayment cost projections, and professional guidance on whether or not a Lendly loan makes sense are all included in this comprehensive Lendly loan reviews.

You can decide if their loans are the best fit for your needs by learning all the details about the advantages and disadvantages.

Major subjects discussed consist of:

  • Lendly’s primary benefits are its quick funding and simple application process.
  • APR and origination fee complaints that are excessive.
  • How Upstart and LendingClub compare to Lendly.
  • Sample loan interest rates for a $10,000 amount.
  • Alternatives to take into account include 401(k) loans and credit unions.
  • Advice on how to use Lendly to get the best rate.

You will be able to determine whether a Lendly personal loan is the best option for you or whether there are other suitable options after reading this honest assessment from actual consumers. Discover how to use this well-liked financing option sensibly.

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What is Lendly?

Online lender Lendly serves consumers all around the United States with personal loans. With APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%, they provide loans for $1,000 to $2,000. Lendly presents itself as a company that streamlines, expedites, and ensures transparency when applying for personal loans. They offer an online application process, and for qualified borrowers, they guarantee funding as soon as the following business day.

But how effective are Lendly’s loans in reality? Let’s examine the comments left by actual clients in their Lendly loan evaluations.

The Good: Fast Funding and Easy Application

Quick funding after approval is one of the key advantages that REAL clients emphasize in their glowing Lendly reviews. To provide a few instances:

“Lendly provided the money I needed for a house repair swiftly. I applied on a Wednesday, and Friday morning the money was in my account. – Sara P., Ohio

“The application procedure was incredibly simple and quick. I only had to confirm my salary and input some simple information, and within minutes, I was accepted. — Michael R., Florida

The next day after the money was granted, I was shocked to find it in my account. Regarding quick funding, Lendly has up to date. – Jessica T., California

One of Lendly’s primary advantages over other lenders appears to be its speedy turnaround. You can easily complete their online application and receive a prompt decision by having them verify your details.

The Bad: High Interest Rates and Origination Fees

In unfavorable reviews, Lendly’s interest rates and origination costs appear to be the main points of contention. As an illustration:

“I expected a higher interest rate because my credit isn’t great, but 35% still seems ridiculously high.” I will pay a huge amount of interest on this debt in the end. — Andy R. from Texas

“The existence of a 5% origination fee on the loan amount was not disclosed to me until after I was approved.” It resulted in unexpected fees of hundreds of dollars. From Melanie B. in Illinois

An interest rate of thirty percent is simply too high, no matter how you look at it. Prior to utilizing Lendly, I wish I had done some more comparison shopping. From Chris P. in Florida

These clients claim that when interest and fees are taken into account, Lendly loans can become quite costly. It is therefore crucial that you carefully review the fine print before making a loan.

Lendly Loan Reviews From Direct Customer

Lendly Loan Reviews From Direct Customer

I looked through reviews on Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs from actual customers to gather honest feedback about Lendly loans. Here are a few direct quotations:

“Lendly made the loan application process very simple and fast.. Within one business day, the funds were in my account.” – Melissa P. via Trustpilot

“Appreciating that I don’t have excellent credit, I felt the interest rate was acceptable.. Overall, a happy encounter.” – Jacob W. via ConsumerAffairs

“I wasn’t prepared for the higher origination and processing fees. I wish there had been more clarity up front.” – Rebecca L. via Trustpilot

How Lendly Compares to Top Competitors

LendingClub, a well-known loan marketplace, and Lendly were contrasted. Emerging on key elements:

Interest rates – With 5.99% to 35.99%, Lendly offers rates that are higher than those of LendingClub (3.99% to 35.89%) and Upstart (6.79% to 35.99%).

Loan amounts – On Lendly, you can get $1,000 to $2,000. Between $1,000 and $40,000 on LendingClub. Startup makes between $1,000 and $50,000.

Approval criteria – Lendly mostly looks at credit score and income. Debt-to-income ratio is examined by LendingClub. Education and work are utilized by Upstart.

Funding speed – Lendly has a one-business-day funding time. Up to 7 days can pass with LendingClub. One to three days is the upstart.

Fees – 1% to 6% is what Lendly charges for origination costs. Origination fees are between 2% and 8% for Upstart. Origination costs are not charged by LendingClub.

Sample Repayment Schedule

An example repayment plan for a $10,000 Lendly loan with monthly payments and a three-year term at 30% APR is shown below:

  • Month 1: Payment $386.73 – Interest $250 – Principal $136.73
  • Month 12: Payment $386.73 – Interest $194.56 – Principal $192.17
  • Month 24: Payment $386.73 – Interest $127.83 – Principal $258.90
  • Month 36: Payment $386.57 – Interest $48.90 – Principal $337.67
  • Total interest paid = $5,524.16

Expert Opinions on When Lendly Loans Work

“Lendly offers an affordable choice if you shop around for the most affordable rate for those with immediate needs and mid-range credit.”– Ryan P., Bankrate Financial Analyst

“Consolidating existing high-interest debt with a Lendly loan at a lower rate can be beneficial for borrowers.” – Monica S., National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Alternatives to Consider

Lendly loans might not always be the most economical choice because of the high rates and fees. The following are some options that borrowers advise looking at first:

  • Credit unions – Compared to Lendly, several credit unions provide personal loans with cheaper interest rates and fees. This might be a better choice if you’re a member.
  • Peer-to-peer lenders – Borrowers can connect with private investors willing to fund loans through websites such as Lending Club and Prosper. They may have competitive prices.
  • 401(k) or life insurance loans – There are employers who let you take out low-interest loans against your 401(k). It is also possible to borrow against a complete life insurance coverage.
  • Credit card balance transfer – Interest costs may be significantly reduced by transferring balances from high-interest credit cards to a new card with a 0% introductory APR.
  • Bank personal loans – You have more options than only online lenders. Personal loans with potentially lower rates are also provided by numerous national banks.
  • Quick Funds – Providing loans within the US.

Tips for Getting the Best Lendly Loan Rate

Is Lendly Loan Legit

You might attempt to obtain the greatest rate if you determine that Lendly is still your best option by doing the following:

  • Have good credit – If a borrower has a credit score of 720 or above, Lendly offers greater rates. Your rate may go down if your credit improves.
  • Provide collateral – If you pledge an asset—such as your car—as collateral for the loan, Lendly might provide a cheaper rate.
  • Take a shorter term – Take out a loan for two or three years as opposed to five. For shorter terms, the rate is typically lower.
  • Only borrow what you need – Your eligibility for a lower APR tier on Lendly could depend on the amount you borrow. Avoid getting too lofty.
  • Apply with a co-signer – Lower rates can also be obtained by adding a creditworthy co-signer with steady income.

These days, not everyone in need of a personal loan can use Lendly. However, for certain borrowers, the ease of quick funding and approvals may outweigh the increased expenses.

In summary, people with strong credit who need money quickly and who can qualify for one of the lowest advertised rates are the greatest candidates for Lendly loans. So be sure to take other options into account as well.

Lendly personal loans are still useful for many people if they take the proper steps and keep an eye out for rates and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Lendly make money?

Lendly generates revenue in several ways:

  • Loan interest rates
  • Borrowers are charged origination costs.
  • Supplying banks and investors with loans

Therefore, those exorbitant rates and fees serve as Lendly’s primary source of revenue and aren’t merely there.

Is Lendly the same as a payday lender?

No, there are a few significant ways that Lendly differs from payday lenders.

  • Up to $50,000 in loans as opposed to several hundred dollar payday loans
  • Two-to five-year repayment durations as opposed to one-time payments
  • Requires underwriting and a credit check
  • Maximum interest rates are lower than those of payday lenders, but they are still very expensive.

Thus, Lendly loans are a higher-amount, longer-term loan than payday loans. However, some features—like high rates—are comparable.

Is Lendly a direct lender?

Yes, direct lending is offered via Lendly. As opposed to merely sending candidates to other lenders, they offer loans directly to customers.

Can I get a Lendly loan with bad credit?

Although it is not very likely, it is possible to obtain a Lendly loan with negative credit. A credit score of at least 550 to 620 is suggested by them in order to be approved. If you are accepted with bad credit, interest rates more than 25% should be expected.

Obtaining a Lendly loan with a co-signer who has good credit is your only realistic option if your score is less than 600. You can lessen your bad credit risk by doing this.

Does Lendly do a hard or soft credit pull?

Applying for a loan with Lendly triggers a rigorous credit investigation. Accordingly, the inquiry will appear on your credit record and may temporarily lower your score by a few points.

In the process of underwriting the loan, they also reserve the right to pull your credit once more. Your score may suffer more if you answer too many difficult questions quickly.

Can I get pre-qualified for a Lendly loan?

Yes, Lendly offers pre-qualification, which uses a soft credit check to determine your possible rates and loan amount. While pre-qualifying offers you an estimate of your possibilities prior to a rigorous inquiry, it does not ensure approval.

Your real conditions may change once you formally apply, as pre-qualification is dependent on the minimal information you provide. However, it’s a helpful early warning.

With any luck, this in-depth piece on Lendly loan reviews offers a fair analysis of the lender’s advantages and disadvantages. Please ask me any other questions you may have!

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