Crediterium Loan Reviews: Is Crediterium Legit or Not?

Are you all here because you want to know about Crediterium loans? Well, as a knowledgeable guide who has assisted numerous individuals in navigating the loan landscape, allow me to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown. Having collaborated with Crediterium and various other loan providers, I possess a deep understanding of the subject matter. In this detailed review of Crediterium Loans, we will delve into all the essential information you need to know. This includes an introduction to Crediterium, their offerings, the advantages and disadvantages, customer experiences, alternative options, and addressing common questions you may have. So, let’s dive right in!

Crediterium Loan Reviews

What is Crediterium Loan?

Crediterium Loan is an esteemed online lender that specializes in providing personal installment loans of up to $5k. While this amount may seem modest, it can prove to be a significant lifeline for individuals seeking to consolidate their debts, handle unforeseen expenses, or simply attain some financial breathing space.

Established in 2015 in California, Crediterium Loan has rapidly expanded its operations and now extends its lending services to over 30 states across the nation. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs of their customers, diligently striving to comprehend their unique circumstances.

In essence, Crediterium Loan offers a streamlined and expeditious borrowing experience, entirely conducted online. This eliminates the hassle of visiting your local bank, making the process of obtaining additional funds more convenient than ever before. However, the question remains: is Crediterium Loan the ideal choice for you? Let us delve deeper into their offerings to find out.

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Overview of Crediterium Loan Options

When it comes to the offerings of Crediterium, they specialize in providing simple personal installment loans of up to $5,000. Here are some important details to keep in mind:

Loan amounts:

  • The minimum loan amount is $500.
  • The maximum loan amount is $5,000.

While some other online lenders may offer higher maximum amounts, $5,000 is still a substantial sum that can cover a variety of borrowing needs.

Interest rates and fees:

  • Interest rates range from approximately 7% to 35% APR.
  • Origination fees can be up to 6% of the loan amount.

You might initially be taken aback by these rates, wondering why they are higher compared to those offered by banks or credit unions. Allow me to explain the reasoning behind this in a moment.

Loan term lengths:

– Terms can range from 3 months to 3 years. This range of options allows customers to find a term that suits their financial situation and ensures an affordable monthly payment.

Borrower requirements:

To be eligible for a loan, you generally need to meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum credit score of 550.
  • A monthly income of over $1,200.
  • A valid Social Security Number.
  • An active checking account.

Crediterium is not as strict on credit scores as some other lenders, giving applicants with less-than-perfect credit a chance to secure a loan.

This provides a general overview of the types of loans offered by Crediterium. Next, let’s delve into the specifics of…”

The Pros of Going With Crediterium Loan

I would like to share the numerous advantages that this company offers, which make them worth considering:

Efficient online process

Once approved, you can receive funds as early as the next business day after accepting your loan agreement. From the application to managing your payments, everything is handled conveniently on Crediterium’s website or app.

Gone are the days of driving to a bank branch and dealing with piles of paperwork! Their technology and efficiency make the process incredibly convenient.

Versatile loan options

Unlike some specialized loan types, you are not limited in how you can spend your loan money. Whether you need to pay medical bills, finance home renovations, or repair your truck, Crediterium allows it all.

They offer general-purpose personal loans that provide flexibility to meet your specific needs.

No penalties for early repayment

Life can sometimes bring unexpected windfalls, allowing you to pay off your loan faster. With Crediterium, you won’t face any prepayment penalties for doing so.

This is not always the case with loans, making it a noteworthy perk. Take advantage of the opportunity to pay extra when you can, reducing your interest payments.

Referral program

If you have a positive experience, why not share the good news? By referring friends, you can earn up to $100 each time someone you refer gets approved. Who couldn’t use a little extra cash?

In conclusion, this company offers a fast and convenient online process, flexible loan options, no penalties for early repayment, and even a referral program. These benefits make them a compelling choice for anyone in need of financial assistance.

Important Downsides and Considerations

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Like most lenders, Crediterium has some potential drawbacks for customers:

High interest rates

Let’s talk about Crediterium’s interest rates, which range from 7% to a whopping 35% APR. Compared to options like banks or credit unions, these rates are definitely on the higher end.

The reason behind this is risk. Crediterium serves borrowers whom traditional institutions might reject or not offer attractive rates to. To offset this risk, they charge higher interest rates.

Limited borrowing amount

While some other online loan companies allow you to borrow up to $100k, Crediterium only allows borrowing up to $5k. While $5k is a decent amount, customers looking to consolidate hefty credit card balances or cover bigger expenses are out of luck with Crediterium.

Origination fee reduces loan amount

Expect your loan amount to be reduced by anywhere from $30 to $300, depending on the origination fee. It’s frustrating to lose part of what you borrow to a fee, but unfortunately, this is a common aspect of personal loans.

Accumulating late fees

I strongly advise all customers to do their best to pay on time! Crediterium charges $15 in late fees daily, so it won’t take long for these fees to add up. While some grace periods are given, it’s still important to set payment reminders.

These are the drawbacks that borrowers should be aware of when considering Crediterium.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Is Crediterium Loan Legit

Alright, enough of just hearing from me. Let’s delve into actual customer reviews from Crediterium to gain insights from real experiences…

Positive Crediterium Loan Reviews

Fortunately, there is an abundance of glowing 4 and 5-star reviews that describe positive loan encounters. Here are some key themes that customers highlight:

Quick and Easy Process

Many customers emphasize the convenience of handling everything online, with the added benefit of friendly service representatives available via phone and chat if needed. The overall ease of the process receives high praise.

Reasonable Rates for Credit Situations

Customers with fair credit express gratitude for being approved when they would likely be denied elsewhere. Although the rates may be higher compared to those with ideal credit, they are still considered reasonable.

Assistance in Paying off High-Interest Debt

Numerous individuals are thrilled to utilize their loans to finally eliminate burdensome credit card balances with exorbitant 30% interest rates. This not only improves their savings but also enhances their overall quality of life.

Negative Crediterium Reviews

However, no lender is flawless. Here are some valid complaints raised by certain customers:

Loan Amount Limits

As mentioned earlier, borrowers seeking amounts exceeding $5,000 are out of luck. The small maximum loan size does not cater to larger financing needs.

High Origination Fees

Some borrowers underestimate the impact of origination fees until they see the final loan amount. This discrepancy leads to frustration as they expected to receive more funds.

Website Navigation Issues

Although not widespread, a few reviews mention problems with logging into their accounts or difficulties navigating the site interface. Any technical issues naturally cause headaches for users.

In summary, it appears that most issues stem from customers desiring larger loans or having expectations that do not align with reality. Nevertheless, the overall consensus reflects numerous positive experiences.

Crediterium Loan Alternatives to Consider

While Crediterium is a suitable option for many individuals, it is always beneficial to explore other alternatives. Each person’s credit and financial needs vary, making it essential to consider different options.

Here are two reputable alternative personal loan providers that I highly recommend exploring:


Upgrade offers loans ranging up to $50,000, with interest rates as low as 6% APR for individuals with an excellent credit history. While they do approve a wide range of credit scores, Upgrade provides the most favorable terms to those with exceptional credit. If your credit score is outstanding, Upgrade should definitely be on your radar.


LendingClub provides loans up to $40,000, offering competitive fixed rates starting from 7-8% for borrowers who meet their requirements. Unlike other lenders, LendingClub connects borrowers directly with investors instead of using their own funds. This unique approach makes LendingClub another excellent option to consider.

As you can see, Crediterium is among several high-quality choices available for borrowers seeking decent personal loan amounts and favorable terms. I strongly advise checking your eligibility at multiple lenders before making a decision. Now, let’s move on to another crucial section…

Frequently Asked Q’s About Crediterium Loan Reviews

I receive numerous inquiries about Crediterium from individuals seeking information. People often ask about the required credit score, the speed of funding, and other related details. Allow me to address some of the most frequently asked questions:

What credit scores does Crediterium Loan accept?

As mentioned earlier, Crediterium Loan sets its minimum credit score requirement at 550 FICO. It is important to note that having a higher credit score increases your chances of obtaining lower interest rates.

Does Crediterium Loan perform hard or soft credit checks?

When you apply for a loan, Crediterium Loan conducts a ‘soft check,’ which enables you to view potential interest rates without negatively impacting your credit score. However, before finalizing the loan approval, a ‘hard check’ is conducted to determine specific factors affecting approval and pricing.

How long does the Crediterium application process take?

The duration of the application process varies, but you can expect to spend approximately 5-10 minutes completing the online application by providing all the necessary details. If your application is approved, you can anticipate signing the loan documents within 24 hours. The process is remarkably fast!

How quickly does Crediterium deposit approved loans?

Once you electronically sign the loan agreement, Crediterium promptly deposits the funds into your designated bank account on the next business day. The transfer is conducted electronically for your convenience.

Can I obtain a loan from Crediterium Loans with no credit history?

Regrettably, Crediterium requires a credit history and score for review before approving loans. Therefore, individuals with brand new credit profiles may face difficulties in obtaining a loan.

Does Crediterium Loans operate in my state?

It is important to note that Crediterium Loans currently operates in approximately 30 states. Residents of states such as Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas have access to their services. However, residents of other states may not be eligible.


So, there you have it, my friends – a comprehensive overview of Crediterium loans. Hopefully, this review has provided you with all the essential information regarding what this lender offers and who would benefit from their services. ThaAfter conducting extensive research and drawing from my personal experience, I have come to a conclusion about Crediterium loans: they present a legitimate option for individuals seeking personalized installment loans, particularly those with low credit scores and limited credit histories. One of the notable advantages of these loans is the remarkably fast and convenient application process, which applicants find highly appealing.

However, it is important to consider that in exchange for a higher likelihood of approval and greater flexibility, borrowers may have to accept higher interest rates. Consequently, for certain individuals, Crediterium loans may not be financially viable in the long run. It is always crucial to exercise caution when taking on debt, my friends!

nk you for joining me on this discussion, and feel free to reach out if you require any further assistance with other lending details!

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