60MonthLoans Review: Is 60MonthLoans Legit?

60MonthLoans Review

You’re in the perfect place if you need quick cash but don’t want to pay a steep price for it. I will analyze the 60monthloans Review for you in order for you to determine whether or not this lender is the best fit for your circumstances.

What is 60MonthLoans?

An online lender called 60monthloans provides personal installment loans with maximum periods of 60 months (5 years). This allows you to make smaller monthly payments by spreading out your payments over a longer time frame.

By not imposing a minimum credit score, they accommodate borrowers with poor credit. 60monthloans could be able to assist you if your bank or other lenders have rejected you.

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Here are some important details regarding 60-month loans:

  • The loan amounts that are available are $500 to $5,000.
  • Maximum loan duration of 60 months (5 years).
  • No fines for early payments.
  • Quick online financing application process.
  • Funds that is transferred straight into your bank account.

How Do 60monthloans Work?

60monthloans offers a quick and simple application process. Here’s how it functions:

1. Submit your information: Enter the needed loan amount and your personal information in the online application. It takes a matter of minutes.

2. Get approved: If your credit score is below the minimum required by 60monthloans, they will use other data sources to evaluate your creditworthiness. In minutes, you’ll receive a decision.

3. Sign loan agreement: E-sign the loan agreement, which includes the loan amount, interest rate, and payment schedule, if it is accepted.

4. Get funded: Usually by the following business day, the loan amounts will be directly paid into your bank account. Don’t hang around!

You will pay back the loan throughout the chosen term at fixed monthly installments once everything is set up. Since there are no early payment penalties, you are free to pay off the loan sooner if you so choose.

60monthloans Loan Details

Is 60monthloans legit

Now that you are aware of how 60month loans operate, let’s examine the terms and interest rates they provide.

Loan Amounts

With 60monthloans, you can borrow money between $500 and $10,000. Your income and credit score as a whole will determine the maximum loan amount you can obtain. However, they have one of the lowest minimum loan amounts in the market.

Interest Rates

Your income, creditworthiness, and other variables will all be taken into account when determining your interest rate. Although 60monthloans does not post its rates online, reviews indicate that they range from approximately 8% to 35%.

That is typical for internet lenders’ installment loans. However, make sure to check rates and calculate how much interest you will pay overall if you choose the lengthier 5-year period.

Though it can seem appealing, a reduced monthly payment could result in significantly higher interest costs over the course of the loan.

Loan Terms

The main benefit of 60-month loans is that they have loan periods of up to 60 months. Most installment loan terms are for two or three years.

If you need a larger loan amount and desire lower monthly payments, having up to five years to repay the loan is fantastic. Although the monthly payment may better fit your budget, you will pay more in interest over that extended period.

Origination Fee

A 4% to 6% origination charge is typical for 60-month loans. Your loan amount is deducted for this fee.

After the origination cost is deducted, you may receive approximately $4,750 in your account if you borrow $5,000. Only a warning.

Late Fees

60monthloans assesses late penalties for missed payments, just like any other lender. This is usually $15, or five percent of your monthly payment, whichever is higher.

Try your best to make your monthly payments on time since late fines can mount up quickly. On the 60monthloans website, set up auto-pay using ACH or your bank.

Prepayment Policy

60-month loans provide you the freedom to repay your debt more quickly. You can increase your monthly payment or even pay off the entire amount early because there are no prepayment penalties.

Who Is 60monthloans Best For?

I believe that 60monthloans works best in three different scenarios:

A larger loan amount ($2,000–$5,000) is required for various purposes such as debt consolidation, house repairs, and medical bills. The longer durations make monthly payments more reasonable.

You might not be eligible for loans from other lenders because of your poor credit. Alternative data is used by 60monthloans to make credit choices.

You want to be able to repay the loan early without incurring penalties. Prepayment policy eliminates the hassles.

Not everyone will benefit from the longer terms. To pay less interest, you might pick a loan that is shorter 24 to 36 months. However, those reduced monthly payments on a five-year loan can mean the world to certain borrowers.

The Pros and Cons of 60monthloans

60monthloans Pros and Cons

Let’s review the main advantages and possible disadvantages of 60month loans so you can choose if it’s the appropriate choice for you.


  • Terms of the loan are 60 months.
  • No fines for early payments.
  • Possibly quick funding in just one business day.
  • Money that is transferred right into your account.
  • Comparable origination fee to that of other lenders.
  • Automated approvals and online applications.
  • Applicants with poor credit may be accepted.


  • As compared to other lenders, rates may be exorbitant.
  • A 4%–6% origination fee is required.
  • Penalties for missing payments.
  • Will have a longer 5-year term and pay greater interest.

All things considered, 60monthloans is notable for its accommodating loan conditions for clients with less than perfect credit. Just watch out for the overall amount of interest charged and make sure the payments don’t break the bank.

Alternatives to Consider

Look around before choosing an installment loan, even if I believe 60monthloans to be among the best possibilities available.

Some locations you might wish to consider visiting are as follows:

  • Lending Club: Three-to five-year loans available on a peer-to-peer lending platform. 5.99% – 35.89% fixed rates. No costs associated with early payments.
  • Upgrade: Online provider of installment loans for two to seven years. 3.597% – 5.94% of rates. Two months’ interest is penalized for early payments.
  • Best Egg: Five-year personal loans are available. Rates ranging from 29.99% to 5.99%. No costs associated with early payments.
  • Light stream: This bank offers loans with periods ranging from two to twelve years. Rates fixed for good credit ranging from 4.29% to 19.99% overall. Early repayment incurs no costs.

Get the best rate and terms for your circumstances by doing the math, as always!

FAQ About 60MonthLoans reviews

Let’s finish by providing responses to some commonly asked queries concerning 60monthloans:

How long does it take to get funded with 60monthloans?

Loan money might be deposited as soon as the following business day after they are approved. Considerably quicker than some of the other available loan choices.

Can I get a loan with bad credit from 60monthloans?

Sure, when deciding which loans to provide to clients with less-than-ideal credit, 60monthloans considers various data sources. There’s no stated minimum credit score needed to qualify.

Does 60monthloans do a hard or soft credit check?

Your credit score may be momentarily lowered when you apply for a loan since they will run a hard credit inquiry. Every type of installment loan has this as standard.

How are the monthly payments determined?

Whatever loan amount, interest rate, and repayment period you choose will determine how much you have to pay each month. Throughout the loan’s term, payments are set.

Can I pay more each month to pay off the loan faster?

Yes, there are no prepayment penalties on 60-month loans. You won’t be charged extra if you choose to make additional payments or even pay off the entire amount early.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you skip or are late with a payment, 60monthloans, like any other lender, will assess a late fee. Usually, this is 5% of the monthly installment, with a $15 minimum. Missed payments on multiple occasions may lower your credit score.

Is 60monthloans available in my state?

In more than 30 states around the country, 60monthloans offers loans. To find out if they are open in your area, visit their website or give them a call.

You now know everything there is to know about 60month loans! All things considered, they rank among the better choices available for five-year installment loans, particularly for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit.

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